Why English is so complex!

Let’s try to analyze

Why English is so complex!

  • We write something else and pronounce something else i.e. Tsunami, honour, knife, align etc. Silent letter words are real devils! Then see vowels… cut & put!
  • Numerous words with different spellings and different meanings share same pronunciation i.e. by, buy, bye, buoy, quite, quiet, corps, corpse etc. Believe me, there are thousands of words like this in English language
  • Then words which seem to be related but are world apart. For example license-licentious, casual-casualty etc.
  • Then words which are very commonly used in English but are not English!
  • Then there are other spelling mistakes i.e. judicial, circumstantial, racial, substantial, judicious, expeditious, besiege, forfeit, and so on. There are numerous other categories. 
  • Subsequently there are many baffling words. Spelling is same but meaning and pronunciation becomes different as per the sentence usage.
    For example: LIVE
    a) I live in Pune.
    b) This is live telecast. 
  • Followed by, to make the things trickier, there are words starting with alphabet ‘C’. See the categories:
    Words starting with Ca with C sound.
    B. Words having two Cs (first C with K sound and second C with C sound).
    C. Words with two Cs (first C with C sound and second C with K sound).
    D. Words having two Cs, both having K sounds.
    E. Words having two Cs (first C with K sound & second C with SH sound).
    F. Words starting with CH with K sound.
    G. Words ending with CH with SH sound.
    H. Words starting with C and CH in middle with K sound.
    I. Words with CIE and CEI
  • Further, to make the language complex, there are idioms, phrases, one word substitution, synonyms, antonyms, foreign words etc. which obviously one has to remember by heart.
  • Then there are words which can be used as different parts of speech, depending upon the sentence.
  • Not to mention Prepositions!!
  • And words from other languages which are making way into English every day in loads!
  • Plus new words in English language itself (selfie, blogging etc.) plus sms language used by our young energetic smart generation! 
  • Grammar rules are no less then complex puzzles. Tenses, change of voice, sentence transformation etc. just to name few!
  • Most of the words have double, triple and sometimes more than four meanings! See dictionary!
  • And last but not the least…the correct pronunciations!

List of complexities in English is unending!

But we all must acknowledge that inspite of all its oddities and perplexities; English is the most extensively used language in the world!!!

It is the language of progress and overall personality development!

December 14, 2018

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