What is ‘Virtual Classroom’?

Welcome to Virtual Classroom!

 In this Online/Virtual classroom, YOU CAN:

  1. View instructor and other participants.
  2. Communicate with your instructor, same as you do in normal class.
  3. Communicate with other students, same as you do in normal class.
  4. View presentations and videos.
  5. Share PDFs, whiteboard, videos, assignments, text messages and worksheets.
  6. Browse internet and share relevant news, videos and cases.
  7. Attend class with students around the world.
  8. Access previous classes any time in future and refresh. 


Advantages of Virtual Class:

  1. No travelling expenses.
  2. Low cost and affordable.
  3. Time saving.
  4. Can be joined from anywhere, anytime.
  5. Global interaction.
  6. Synchronous learning
  7. Group meetings
  8. Advance learning through technology.
October 30, 2018

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