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Vision & Mission




Our vision is to be a global leader in imparting “Legal English courses” in terms of course contents, pedagogy, training, skill development & employment in all facets of the legal profession.


Our mission is to bring strategical & significant transformation in the legal profession & to provide word class education & skill in Legal English for anyone, anywhere, globally. 

Spirit of IILE

The spirit of IILE lies in our values and passion towards excellence in Legal Education, Legal Systems and Legal Profession.

Our Latest Posts

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Entry 28: If that men is her father than a fortiori, there DNA samples should match. Answer: If...

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Entry 27:K.M.Nanavati case and Jyoti Singh cases has attain the status of cause celebre case of...

Entry 26: Adjourn sine die

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Entry 26:The court hearing have been adjourned sine die until 20th of next month. Answer: The...

Entry 25: Lordship

November 13,2018 / Proofreading / 0 Comments

Entry 25:May it pleases your lordship, I am Advocate XYZ and i  appeared  for ABC Ltd, as...

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