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Description: The “Legal English Simplified Course” is designed for law students, practicing lawyers and other professionals working in the legal sector. Course participants work on improving all four English language skills within a legal context as well as learning specific legal terminology and how to use it appropriately. The course contents are loan words and phrases from other languages, legal terms / legal phrases/terms of art, legal terms/words often confused and misused, use of unfamiliar pro-forms in legal language, synonyms and antonyms in legal writing, specialized words, phrases and idiomatic expressions, words and titles used in legal language, legal drafting/preparing case brief/summary, famous foreign proverbs in legal English, quotidian words having different/special meanings in law, doublets/triplets, one word substitutions, propositional phrases, argumentative writing on current legal issues, use of pronominal adverbs, English grammar and legal drafting. The Course Pattern( In-class) Extensive daily lectures, legal reading and writing in-class practice, oral presentations on current/substantive legal issues, training in specialized laws, internship, corporate interactions, updates on current laws, weekly assignments and tests, daily debates on current legal issues.