The ‘C’ Confusion

In English language, the letter ‘C’ holds a very distinctive position. Why?
Please go through the categories of words starting with ‘C’. These words are actually very common. Just check!!!!

A. Words starting with Ca with C sound………..Caesarian, Julius Caesar

B. Words having two Cs (first C with K sound and second C with C sound)……..cancel, concept, confidence, concert, council etc.

C. Words with two Cs (first C with C sound and second C with K sound)…….cycle, circuit, civics etc.

D. Words having two Cs, both having K sounds…….collect, cardiac, capricorn, capsicum, connect, contact, compact etc.

E. Words having two Cs (first C with K sound & second C with SH sound)…..calcium, crucial, capacious etc.

F. Words starting with CH with K sound…….Christ, christian, chloroform, chemical, chorus etc.

G. Words starting with CH with SH sound…… Champagne, chandelier, chauffeur,chiffon etc.

H. Words ending with CH with SH sound…….cache, cachet etc.

I. Words starting with C and CH in middle with K sound……catechism etc.

J. Words having CIE (achieve, ancient, believe, chief etc.) and CEI (ceiling, neighbour, reign, feign etc.)

Can you find out other words in each category! Just give it a try!

Check pronunciations also! Isn’t it tricky at some places! What say!!!

November 21, 2018

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