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Legalis Peritum

$175.00 $125.00 per 96 hours

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  • Detail argumentative verbal presentations, cross- questioning and group discussions.
  • Argumentative writing on legal issues and different national and international laws, requiring students to attempt proper investigation of the issue, collection, generation & evaluation of evidence and establishing their view point in concise and meritorious manner.
  • Study of Landmark judgments in respect of their historical influence, legal significance and lasting effects on the application of a certain law.
  • Court room etiquettes and language.
  • Moot courts exercises.
  • Detailed presentations: Critical analysis and interpretations of various national & international laws, judgments and judicial processes.


  1. To develop analytical and reasoning skills of would be lawyers.
  2. To empower students in understanding different points of view regarding legal issues and to present the issues in clear, concise and defined statements.
  3. To strengthen intellectual aptitude about legal issues prevailing in society, so that they could support their point of view, with the evidence (whether logical, factual or statistical) collected during research.
  4. To facilitate students in forming logical reasons, drawing rational conclusions and applying all the findings in the case in discussion.
  5. To develop ability of convincing that their argument has merit through clear thesis and sound reasoning.
  6. To hone students’ oral and written advocacy skills in all respects.
  7. To develop the art of persuasion and presentation, with court etiquettes.
  8. To develop expert argumentative flair in students.
  9. To train students in recognizing legal issues, framing issues, gathering legal material, devise accurate arguments, complaints, citations, cross-questioning, examination, cross examination etc.
  10. To develop practical skills and self-confidence.


Knowledge of English Language:

Basic knowledge of English Language is required.


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