Corporate & Legal Skill Development Programs

Six Levels of Professional Expertize
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Legal English is a technical language specifically originated as a language for legal professionals such as judges, lawyers, legal assistants and attorneys and is particularly used in legal writing such as legal documents (i.e. contracts, licenses, agreements, deeds, treaties etc.), court pleadings (i.e. summons, briefs, judgments, case reports etc.), laws (i.e. Acts of Parliaments, legislation, bills, etc.), various legal correspondences and drafts, globally


There are hundreds of words in English that confers completely different meaning to their traditional meaning, when used in legal context (e.g. sentence, alien, issue, damages, consideration, minor,  act of god, clean hands etc.) and leads to lots of mistakes, confusion and misconceptions, when practicing law. This makes it compulsory for lawyers to attend Legal English course.


Legal English is specialized language of law universally. Its knowledge and expertise in its usage, provides a great deal of confidence, eminence, success and a definite edge  over others in legal profession, nationally as well as internationally.

We are India's first, finest & most reputed ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, with exclusive copyrights over the concept of ‘Legal English Courses’, that provides industry acclaimed, career oriented, copyrighted ,skill development courses in Legal English to law students, budding / practicing lawyers, research scholars &  legal professionals working in corporate companies.

We offer exclusive, multi-level skill development programmes in Legal English, covering various must have lawyering skills & legal knowledge, off-line (in mortar and brick classrooms) as well as online through virtual classes, across India and abroad for law students, lawyers & to people associated with law fraternity, via latest technologies and innovative methodologies.

We impart these Legal English Courses/skill based programmes at students’ convenience, via brick & mortar classroom modules, e-learning programs, virtual classes and channel partners across India and overseas, to learn & grow at their respective towns. These programmes are aimed at reaching out to and skill large number of people.

Our Vision is to be a global leader in imparting Legal English education in terms of course contents, pedagogy, training, skill development & employment in all facets of the legal profession.


Our Mission to provide word class education & skill in Legal English for anyone, anywhere, globally and to bring strategical & significant transformation in the legal profession.

Our Most Popular Courses


1. Introduction to English language.
2. Elementary grammar rules.
3. Voice and accent neutralization.
4. Presentation skills.
5. Aural & oral skills.
6. Basic reading, writing, speaking, listening       & cognitive skills.

Teaching Methodology:

Variety of teaching methods ranging from lectures

Audio-visual sessions

Games, discussions

Audio-recording of presentations

Mock interviews, role- plays

Individual and group discussions etc.

Knowledge of English Language:

No knowledge of English Language is required


Advance grammar blended with Legal terms.

Advance level legal vocabulary/word power.

Advance level legal texts reading & writing skills.

Advance level aural & oral skills in legal contexts.

Knowledge of celebrity cases/current legal cases/legal issues/legal vocabulary.

Advance level presentations in legal topics.

Proofreading techniques and methodology including in detail rectifying irrelevant & redundant terms, wrong words and phrases, grammar and sentence structure errors, numbering systems, titles/subtitles,

Spellings/punctuation errors, factual discrepancies in drafts, citation errors etc.

Editing of legal documents.

Checking of style, structure, graphics and flow of information.

Checking of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

Checking of URL links, captions, footnotes, references, images, table, quotes, citations, bibliography etc.

Checking of word choice to fine tune the overall tone of the document.

Examination of the document for inconsistencies in theme, style and factual information.

Examination of the document to check copyright permissions to ensure zero possibility of  legal conflict.


Loan words and phrases from other languages.

Legal Terms/ Legal Phrases/ Terms of art.

Legal Terms/words often confused and misused.

Use of Unfamiliar pro-forms in Legal Language.

Synonyms and Antonyms in legal writing.

Specialized words, phrases and idiomatic expressions.

Words and titles used in Legal Language.

Legal drafting/ Preparing case brief/summary.

Famous foreign proverbs in English Legal Language.

Quotidian words having different/special meanings in law.

Doublets/Triplets in English Legal Language.

One word substitutions in Legal Language.

Propositional phrases. Use of Pronominal Adverbs.

Argumentative writing on current legal issues.

Study of national and international landmark cases that changed the legal landscape and played a decisive role in development of various laws.

Reading, comprehending and making notes of all the legal terms and tough words/phrases/idioms etc.

Legal  Research.


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