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Who We are

We are India's first, finest & most reputed, ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, with exclusive copyrights over the concept of ‘Legal English Courses’ and World's first 100% interactive 'Virtual Class in Legal English' to our credit, by adopting Advance Learning Management Systems (keeping in step with advancements in technology), to provide best practices for both on-line & off-line learning, enabling the learners to learn at their own pace, allowing them to download course material files or make them available when they don’t have access to the Internet and  revisit concepts, till they gain mastery.


What We Do

We offer exclusive, multi-level skill development programmes in Legal English, covering various must-have lawyering skills & legal knowledge, off-line (in mortar and brick classrooms) as well as online through virtual classes, across India and abroad for law students, lawyers & to people associated with law fraternity, via latest technologies and innovative methodologies.

These highly valuable, successful, career oriented, short duration & long term skill building courses in Legal English, covers maximum aspects of the legal profession & aims at ensuring a successful global legal career, by enriching Legal English vocabulary, legal knowledge & indispensable lawyering skills such as legal document drafting, contract management and review, document production, due diligence, analyzing documents, case study, legal research etc.

Our course pattern helps open various platforms of open careers like freelance content writing, proofreading, editing, paraphrasing, drafting, research, legal transcription etc.

Our courses are supported by hundreds of legal terms, English Grammar rules, celebrity cases, land mark cases, court ruling, legal articles, current legal issues, amendments in laws, judicial reviews, court judgments, various national & international laws, hundreds of assignments and on-line puzzles to ensure learner’s complete development in legal profession.

Lack of proficiency in Legal English results in poor understanding of the laws, legal documents and judgments which seriously affects the employability of law students in all the fields of legal profession, be it private practice or corporate jobs or legal process outsourcing jobs.

Finishing these specialized skill based programmes in Legal English, help law students to get job immediately. We offer immediate placements to our students in reputed law firms, corporate firms and in fast growing multibillion $ Legal Process Outsourcing industry.

We provide unrivaled products, consulting, analytics and communication tools to support everyone’s learning, right from the scratch to advance legal areas.

We offer various other services such as proofreading, editing and drafting of legal documents. We also offer expert services in paraphrasing/ rewriting.


How Do We Deliver These Courses/Programmes

We impart these Legal English Courses/skill based programmes at students’ convenience, via both off-line (i.e. brick & mortar classroom modules) and on-line (i.e. e-learning programs, virtual classes and channel partners) modes across India and overseas, to learn & grow at their respective towns. These programmes are aimed at reaching out to and skill large number of people.

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Why Are We Offering This Multi-Level Skill Development Programme / Courses

Globalization & liberalization have created a huge demand & gigantic opportunities for lawyers having an excellent command over English. Apart from usual high demand in court practice, judiciary, lectureship & corporate legal jobs, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) has emerged as the tsar in legal profession and is expected to touch $ 28 billion revenue in next five years.

In India, equally gigantic multibillion $ business opportunity is now emerging in para legal services. Through our specialized courses, we empower law students, law graduates, & other professionals aspiring to associate with para legal services, to tap this growing opportunity and grow their income multifold.

We visualize India to benefit out of the new & rapidly growing business of LPOs & get a lion share of this multibillion dollar industry, employing lakhs of our para legals, lawyers & advocates as well as people connected with law profession.

Our objective & goal is to fulfill the huge demand of Legal English proficient lawyers in India & abroad, to reach out at least one lac law students per year & to skill them right from the skill world at large & to create awareness of laws of the land via Legal English case study & course materials based specialized courses.


Ideal For

  • A practicing Lawyer.
  • Employed person looking to start up something.
  • A businessman looking to start one more profitable venture.
  • Woman who wants to start her own business.
  • Any current education institute.


What We Offer To Our Channel Partner

  • Easy to start and Easy to run business opportunity.
  • World class brand name.
  • World class content & pedagogy
  • Expected Payback period 3 months at the most.
  • Respectable ROI as per the industry norms.
  • World class content and instructors (including on-line access to students enrolled respectively.)
  • Creation of new concepts and courses as per the need.
  • Research & Product Development.
  • Continuous upgradation of our products.
  • Centralized branding, marketing & business lead generation across India & overseas, including branding/marketing of channel partner’s logo/name on our all digital marketing portals globally.
  • Billion $ Business Opportunity across verticals
  • Assistance in providing internships and placement of students.
  • Periodical Legal workshops/ webinars.


What We Need From Our Channel Partner

  • Office Space: A minimum of 200/500 sq. ft. with suitable infrastructure for classroom.
  • Proper broadband internet connection with projector/full size LED TV.
  • Desktop/Laptop.
  • Staff: One administrator and sales team (optional).
  • A burning desire to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • A determination to bring revolution in legal Education.


Expected Investment From Franchise

Franchise Fee:

  • Metro / Mini Metro - 150000/-
  • Other Area’s / Remote Area’s -  100000/-

Franchise Fee Include:

  • Franchise Fee.
  • Advertising/Marketing/Branding
  • Online access to the students enrolled.
  • Online and offline support system for chapter.

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