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    Primus Gradus Corporate

    Our special program “Primus Gradus Corporate” is a perfect blend of employability skills and focuses on the overall development of management students to equip them in essential corporate & management skills and to achieve success in their respective careers. After doing this course students gain proficiency in:

    Corporate English Proficiency.
    Management competencies and soft skills.
    Essential Technical Skills and Interview Skills.

    The Course has been designed:

    To break mental barriers and hesitation in expressing & communicating in English and written English.
    To create and maintain interest of student in expressing and communicating in English through various assignments and activities.
    To expand and enlarge advance level English vocabulary and develop a fair amount of command over grammar, punctuation and syntax.
    To develop essential computer proficiency.
    To develop essential management skills through various assignments and activities.
    To gain proficiency in various soft skills and interview skills

    Our program ‘Primus Gradus Corporate’ covers following essential Corporate English skills:

    Grammar and Vocabulary
    Speak and spell.
    Read and Write
    Word formation.
    Voice and accent neutralization
    Words often confused & misused
    Complex pronunciations

    Complex spellings
    Proverbial expressions
    Idiomatic expressions
    One word substitution
    Punctuation & syntax
    Silent letter words
    Presentations skills
    Corporate news updates

    Essential Technical Skills:

    The business world has become practically paperless and proficiency in usage of computer has become compulsory. Good technical skills are really important to get a unique and competitive edge in business, career, and resume. Exercising and advancing technical skills can also lead to greater opportunities in every sphere of education and career.

    Our ‘Primus Gradus Corporate’ program facilitates the students to gain fluency in following tech skills:
    Software installation and reinstallation.
    •Internet connectivity essentials, use of the internet, social media networking.
    •Email skills i.e. composing email, Checking email, Forwarding email, Attaching files, Downloading and Saving Attachments, Blind Copy, Carbon Copy, Forward, Labelling, Filtering functions, using Address book etc.
    •Familiarity with personal computing using a Windows type of interface (a mouse, menus, scroll bars, tool bars, dialog boxes, multiple open applications, etc.)
    •Microsoft Office skills i.e. Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, One Note, Outlook, text formatting, bookmarking, tables, graphs, and charts, slides etc.
    •Search Engines: Understanding the basics of using internet search or by using key board functions to find things in a document, in My Documents or on a network.
    •Error free typing on keyboard with full words arranged properly, spelling and grammar checks.
    •File sharing i.e. uploading documents to an email or storing files in a cloud server, using Window’s SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. for sharing and storing files.
    •A good knowledge of all the printing options, keyboard short cuts and document formatting (adding bolding, italics, colours, borders, etc.) in addition to efficiently selecting, moving, and deleting information, header and footer generation etc.
    •A good understanding of computer housekeeping tasks (folder and file management, hard drive organization, software installation, backups and archiving, virus protection, etc.)
    •Operating system and file management: Converting Files (such as Word to Pdf, or Excel to CSV), zip or Extract File, Looking up file sizes, renaming or saving files & folders, etc.
    •Social media etiquettes i.e. how & where to use the privacy settings, making pages, joining various groups, sharing activities, engage in discussions on-line, building on-line presence, launching on-line polls etc.
    •Blogging and content writing skills.
    •Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / InDesign Skills
    •Buying and selling domain names for business promotions.

    Management Key Competencies and Soft Skills

    According to research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center soft skills are responsible for 85% of career successes, while only 15% is attributed to hard skills. Soft skills simply mean ability to earn the trust & loyalty of colleagues, client and associates, while ensuring the successful execution and completion of assigned job. Soft skills are evidence of one’s superior ability to gel with other people in personal, social and work life.

    Some of the management competencies & soft skills, our Primus Gradus Corporate program inculcates into students are:
    Manpower Planning & ability to delegate
    Channel Management
    Effective listening and concluding discussions
    Sales management & distribution plans.
    Conflict management, self-motivation & teamwork
    80/20 principles
    Performance management and conflict management
    Learning from others and developing appreciation for others
    Time management mastery and an ability to work under pressure
    Communicating convincingly & use of humour at appropriate times
    Visualizing the ‘big picture’ in long run while executing tasks
    Being confident and positive
    An ability to negotiate and defuse tense situations in the workplace and socially while setting clear boundaries
    Being able to weigh different views and find common ground while maintaining focus and meeting shared goals
    Corporate behaviour, work place etiquettes, good manners, empathy & courtesy.

    Knowledge of English Language:

    Basic knowledge of English Language is required

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