Legalis Dominus(Legal Drafting) INR 8000/-



    • General Principles of Drafting and Relevant Substantive Rules:
    • Drafting and Conveyancing relating to Various Deeds and Agreements(Sale Agreements, E-Contracts, Leave and License, IPR Agreements, Promissory Note, Power of Attorney- General and Special, Will, Relinquishment Deed, Deed of Dissolution of Partnership, Hire-Purchase Agreement, Deed of Sale of Land, Building, Mortgage, License, Lease, Assignment, Trust, Gift, Partnership, Drafting of Writs, Partnership Deed, Sale Agreements, Collaboration Agreements, Hypothecation Agreements, Drafting of Legal Opinion, Shareholder’s Agreement etc.)
    • Pleading: Meaning and Importance -Functions of Pleadings – Essentials of Pleading – Particulars of Pleading – Striking out pleadings- Signing and verification.
    • Civil Pleadings and criminal pleadings – Substantive Aspects and Drafts (Plaints, complaints, written statements, appeals, FIR, bail applications etc.)
    • Legal Writing & Paraphrasing:
    • Analytical, logical and investigative articles, reviews and dissertations on current legal issues and amendments, to express legal analysis, legal rights and legal duties, properly backed up with relevant precedents, assertions and statements with citations to authority, using extensive legal terminologies i.e. Specialized words and phrases unique to law, ordinary words having different meanings in law, legal maxims, foreign legal words, pronominal adverbs, doublets and triplets, idioms, legal phrases etc.
    • Paraphrasing and rewriting.


    • To attain expert knowledge of all kinds of drafting, pleadings and advocacy techniques.
    • To develop extensive legal writing skills with respective citations, legal terminologies and precedents.
    • To equip students in expressing important legal amendments, updations and issues in own words, to increase the general understanding of complex legal documents.
    • To empower students to think in different ways and to express different interpretations of legal text, so as to increase the understanding of legal topics from different perspectives.
    • To make original legal text more comprehensible, lucid and logical.
    • To make implications of complex legal laws and documents clearer.

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