Legalese Diploma (Semester-2) INR 9000/-




  • Loan words and phrases from other languages.
  • Legal Terms/ Legal Phrases/ Terms of art.
  • Legal Terms/words often confused and misused.
  • Use of Unfamiliar pro-forms in Legal Language.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms in legal writing.
  • Specialized words, phrases and idiomatic expressions.
  • Words and titles used in Legal Language.
  • Legal drafting/ Preparing case brief/summary.
  • Famous foreign proverbs in English Legal Language.
  • Quotidian words having different/special meanings in law.
  • Doublets/Triplets in English Legal Language.
  • One word substitutions in Legal Language.
  • Propositional phrases.
  • Use of Pronominal Adverbs.
  • Argumentative writing on current legal issues.
  • Study of national and international landmark cases that changed the legal landscape and played a decisive role in development of various laws.
  • Reading, comprehending and making notes of all the legal terms and tough words/phrases/idioms etc.
  • Legislation Research(Primary and Secondary),  Intellectual Property research,  Regulatory and Administrative Law Research,  International legal research,  Case Law Research, Multi-Jurisdictional Research, Issue based Research, Compliance/ Regulatory Research, Market/ competition research, Cause of Action Research, Legal Articles and docs, Case Summaries, Foreign Law Research, Forthcoming laws research,  Second Opinions,  Legal Briefs etc.


  • To gain expert level proficiency in comprehending, reading, writing and making accurate usage of legal terms and terminologies.
  • To create and maintain in-depth knowledge and interest in current legal issues, amendment in laws, judicial reviews, court judgments, various national & international laws  and cases.
  • To develop expertise in comprehending and analyzing various legal texts in different formats, efficiently and accurately.
  • To develop creative thinking, analytical skills and legal research skills
  • To develop extensive legal research techniques of literature/ previously published material/empirical surveys including collection of data through interviews, surveys, observations, questionnaires etc.

Legalese Diploma (Sem-2) Daily syllabus will include:

  1. One Vocabulary sheet with exercise and on-line puzzle
  2. One Legalese sheet with exercises and on-line puzzles
  3. One legal research assignment.
  4. One comprehension passage(Landmark case/judgement/judicial review)
  5. One ‘Conversion of a document in legal format’ assignment.
  6. One student review sheet


  • Students completing only Sem-1 will be eligible to get ‘Certificate in Legalese’.
  • Students completing both the semesters will be awarded with ‘Legalese Diploma’

Course Curriculum

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  1. Unmatachable course ! Complete legal education.


    Unmatchable course ! Complete legal education.

  • $175.00 $125.00 per 96 hours
  • 180 Days

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