Legalese Diploma (Semester-1) INR 8000/-




  • Advance grammar blended with Legal terms.
  • Advance level legal vocabulary/word power.
  • Advance level legal texts reading & writing skills.
  • Advance level aural & oral skills in legal contexts.
  • Knowledge of celebrity cases/current legal cases/legal issues/legal vocabulary.
  • Advance level presentations in legal topics.
  • Proofreading techniques and methodology including in detail rectifying irrelevant& redundant terms, wrong words and phrases, grammar and sentence structure errors, numbering systems, titles/subtitles, spellings/punctuation errors, factual discrepancies in drafts, citation errors etc.
  • Editing of legal documents.
  • Checking of style, structure, graphics and flow of information.
  • Checking of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.
  • Checking of URL links, captions, footnotes, references, images, table, quotes, citations, bibliography etc.
  • Checking of word choice to fine tune the overall tone of the document.
  • Examinationof the document for inconsistencies in theme, style and factual information.
    Examination of the document to check copyright permissions to ensure zero possibility of legal conflict.


  • To gain proficiency in advance grammar structures.
  • To expand and enlarge advance level Legal English vocabulary.
  • To develop ability to read, comprehend and analyze legal texts in different formats, efficiently and accurately.
  • To create and maintain interest of students in expressing & communicating in Legal English through various ‘Legal Language’ assignments.
  • To develop positive attitude, confidence and competence in legal language.
  • To create and maintain interest of student in current legal issues and cases.
  • To develop creative thinking, analytical skills and legal research skills.
  • To develop error free advance writing skills i.e. Paragraph writing, connectors and linkers, common errors, report writing, precis writing, summary writing, letter writing and basic email writing.
  • To develop and refine required skills and in depth intellect to comprehend and correct the mistakes in various texts, drafts and documents as per their respective context.
  • To attain expert knowledge in proofreading techniques matching international standards not only legal documents but also academic documents such as dissertations, theses, letters, various kinds of civil, criminal & corporate drafts.
  • To develop expert skill in students to cater not only national but also global market in proofreading all kinds of documents.
  • To empower students in critical reading, polishing, refining and enhancement of manuscript
  • To enable students in doing authentic modifications, alterations and decisions from dual side view i.e. the point of view of both writer and audience.
  • To develop improvising skills in students regarding additional research suggestions create better flow & clarity.

Legalese Diploma (Sem-1) Daily syllabus will include:

  1. One Vocabulary sheet with exercise and on-line puzzle
  2. One grammar sheet with exercises and on-line puzzles
  3. One proofreading sheet with answer (on-line)
  4. One note making/precis/summary/editing sheet with answer(on-line)
  5. One comprehension passage( celebrity cases/ legal articles/ current case)
  6. One student review sheet

Course Curriculum

Week -1
LC-DAY1 Details FREE 00:00:00
LC- DAY 2 Details FREE 00:00:00
LC-DAY 3 Details FREE 00:00:00
Week -2
LC – DAY 4 Details FREE 00:00:00
LC – DAY 5 Details FREE 00:00:00
LC – DAY 6 Details FREE 00:00:00
Week -3
Week -5
Week -6
Week -7
Week -8
Week -9
Week -10
Week -11
Week -12
Week -13
Week -14
Week -15
Week -16

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  1. It's 100 % practical learning


    It’s 100 % practical learning

  • $165.00 $115.00 per 96 hours
  • 4 Days

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