Indian Institute of Legal English (An ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Organisation), is India's first, finest and most reputed institute that provides industry acclaimed career oriented courses in Legal English for law students, budding/practicing lawyers, research scholars, legal professionals seeking employment in LPOs, law firms, legal departments etc.

Our  highly valuable, short duration courses in Legal English  provide excellent knowledge of common legal terminologies and covers maximum aspects of legal writings. Our courses provide students expertise in carving highly formal, precise, subject specific and authentic legal documents and aims at ensuring a successful international legal career, by enriching Legal English vocabulary and drafting skills.

The courses comprise in detail English grammar, word power, drafting, courtroom argumentation skills, indepth case studies/judgements, reading and writing skills etc. All the courses are carefully designed to ensure maximum learning through proven techniques such as concept videos, adaptive learning, subject oriented assignments with each lecture and regular assessment tests. The course participants work on improving all four English language skills within a legal context as well as learning specific legal terminology and how to use it appropriately. In addition, we also offer training in specialized laws and internship.

Who We Are

We are India's first, finest & most reputed institute that provides industry acclaimed career oriented copyrighted courses in Legal English to law students, budding / practicing lawyers, research scholars, legal professionals working in corporate companies & government institutions.

We also provide this skill based program to law students & practicing lawyers working in LPO industry, law firms & legal departments in India & overseas. Finishing this specialised skill based programme in Legal English with us helps these law students & lawyers to start their own practice – being mentored by senior lawyers / Advocates, start their own legal firms to practice & to offer LPO services globally & play their part by participating in this multibillion $ industry. They can also contribute to the country by participating & delivering value with the skills they process in multibillion $ para legal services in India.

We are the only ones in India & overseas today to offer this comprehensive, multi-level skill development programme for law students, lawyers & to people associated with law fraternity, globally.

Our vision is to be a global leader in imparting “Legal English courses” in terms of course contents, pedagogy, training, skill development & employment in all facets of the legal profession. Our mission is to bring strategical & significant transformation in the legal profession & to provide word class education & skill in Legal English for anyone, anywhere, globally. 

What Do We Do

We offer short duration certificate courses, diploma, degree, PG degree & specialized multiple level expert skill building programs in Legal English covering various must-have lawyering skills & legal knowledge to law students, lawyers & advocates, law firms, government agencies, public sector companies, corporate companies, educational institution & to general public at large.

How Do We Delivery These Courses / Programmes  

These courses & programmes are delivered thru workshops, seminars, class room interactive sessions & on-line programs. These programs will be offered to students & all other customers seeking our services to skill themselves in Legal English skills through expert, qualified & renowned lawyers who are our channel partners & these skill based programs / courses will be delivered thru law colleges, law universities & online platform. All these programmes & courses will be routed & delivered by our channel partner only.

These highly valuable, career oriented, short duration & long term skill building courses in Legal English that we offer, covers maximum aspects of the legal profession & aims at ensuring a successful global legal career, by enriching Legal English vocabulary, legal knowledge & essential & indispensable lawyering skills.


We impart Legal English courses, using technology across platforms, from brick & mortar classroom modules to offering courses & programmes thru our online platform. We use technology extensively to reach out to prospective students, Lawyers & any other individuals, educational institutions or corporate companies in private or government sector, government bodies NGO’s, Trust’s. public sector undertakings, ministries, multinational companies, UN agencies & any other officials or bodies seeking skill building programme in Legal English & offer these programmes at his or her convenience to learn & grow at their respective towns. These programmes can be used to reach out to and skill large number of people thru our specially structured massive open online courses as well.


Why Are We Offering This Multi-Level Skill Development Programme / Courses

 Globalization & liberalization have created a huge demand & gigantic opportunities for lawyers having an excellent command over English. Apart from usual high demand in court practice, judiciary, lectureship & corporate legal jobs, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) industry has emerged as the tsar in legal profession, having revenue of $2.5 billion & it is expected to touch $ 20 billion revenue in next five years. We want India to benefit out of this new & rapidly growing business & get a lion share of at least 5 billion USD over next 10 years, employing lakhs of our lawyers & advocates as well as people connected with law profession.


Our objective & goal is to fulfill the huge demand of lawyers in India & abroad, to reach out at least one lac law students per year & skill them right from the start, to skill world at large & to create awareness of laws of the land via Legal English case study & course materials based specialized courses. Advantages of proficiency in Legal English for law students comprise increase in passing percentage of law students, increase in employability of law graduates, high growth in income & an escalation in lifelong continual employability in global markets via LPOs.


Even equally bigger business opportunity in India is now emerging in para legal services & we want our students, law graduates, advocates, lawyers & people associated with providing para legal services to do our specialised skill based programme & courses, set up & grow their own business practice in this multibillion $ market in India that is estimated to be a Rs.20000 crore to Rs.25000 crore industry in India at present and is expected to grow up to 50,000 crore industry in next 15 to 20 years.


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